iTOG 2019 - Why iTOG?

iTOG Vision

  • We believe that our teams crave access to a showcase of equipment, techniques and ideas – to really try them using new simulation technologies and to discuss these with companies and thought leaders.

  • Every person has different needs from their learning experience at different levels. We are working hard to bring a breadth of options so each person will be able to attend, and pay, only for what they want

  • This is not a congress – it is a playground! Our dream is to make this a different, enriching experience for you. Not the same lectures, not the same meetings – more time to Do! A highly interactive programme with a key focus on technology and innovations. 

  • The role of technology and new treatment techniques in the fields of Ob-Gyn is critical. Our combined goal is the clinical adoption of these innovations.

This is the changing landscape of medical learning. Here is a space that makes each participant the center and leaves you to curate your own experience.